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Get to know Wonky and friends!

Wonky Kat

A one-eyed, silly cat!

Wonky Kat is a silly pink cat with a swirly eye and is... a little wonky. He champions the belief that all cats are beautiful, no matter their impurrfections. This cat loves pizza just as much as sleeping and going to the arcades. If the weather is nice out, he is always up for a nice picnic. He makes friends wherever he goes, but his favorite thing is to spend time with his best friend, Biscuit.


The friendly possum!

Biscuit is a sweet possum and Wonky Kat's best friend. Though she never speaks, Biscuit always finds ways to show her support. The two constantly find themselves in interesting situations and often get into trouble together too. That's what best friends are for! She's ridiculously good at video games and loves scary movies. 


A future supurr-star!

Bonnet is a very outgoing cat. She loves to sing and dance, with aspirations of being a superstar. When she isn't singing and dancing, she's caring for her sweet plants. She's smitten and in love with Hyde, who is the complete opposite of her. Even though she is caring, she is not a pushover. Don't mess with her—she knows martial arts! 


The shy, scaredy cat!

Hyde is so shy that he has to wear a bag on his head to feel comfortable around others. Hyde greatly admires Bonnet for how fearless she is. At the first sign of danger, this cat is the first one to leave. As a nervous cat, they enjoy calming music to put them at ease. Hyde also loves baking sweets for the group!

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