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Mystery Sticker Pack


Who doesn't love a good mystery? This Wonky mystery pack is filled with fun goodies. Over 100+ sticker combos.  No two packs are the same! 


Mystery Pack includes: 

  • Large 6" Die Cut Peeker
  • 5x7" Sticker Sheet 
  • 1 Die Cut Sticker
  • 1 Holo Die Cut Sticker

The die cut stickers are approx. between 2.5 "- 3" wide. 

All die cut stickers are washer safe if placed on a reusable cup or water bottle. 

Mystery Sticker Pack

SKU: 2387220749961
  • Orders typically take 6 - 8 business days to ship, as this is a small creator. There are times when orders can take a tad longer around big launches. When your order is shipped, you'll get a shipment confirmation email with tracking information for you to track your package.

  • Return Policy
    All sales are final and replacement products are sent with broken and missing items only. If a replacement is not in stock then a refund will be issued. If item was received broken or damaged, email at or go to so a replacement can be shipped to you. Order number and photos are needed for replacement.

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